Bulletin Board


32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Remembrance Sunday----Lest We Forget


Year C

10th November 2019


Services during the week


St Paulís, Alnwick

Monday Ė 10amWord & Communion

Tuesday, Friday--- 10am Holy Mass


All Saints, Thropton

Please Note

NO Wednesday 10am Mass on 13th November


St Aidanís, Seahouses

Thursday --- 10am Mass


 Confessions after the 10am Mass Tuesday to Friday and on request.



The Vigil Mass at St Agnes, Rothbury reverted to

12 Noon from Saturday 5th October 2019.


   Please remember

St Paulís Church, Alnwick in your will.

Thank You.


Remembrance Sunday Service and Parade

The service will be held at 2.30pm at St Paulís Church followed by a march

to the War Memorial at the top of Denwick Lane where wreaths will be laid.

The Band of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers will accompany

the hymns in church and lead the parade. .


 Retiring Collection

There will be a retiring collection after Mass this Sunday,

10th November, for the Clergy Training Fund.


First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion 2019-20

Please pray for the children.

Meeting and Mass dates for the programme:-

19 & 20 Oct 19,16 & 17 Nov 19 (Reconciliation,8 & 9 Feb 20,

28 & 29 Mar 20,†† 25 & 26 Apr 20,†† 16 & 17 May 20

13 & 14 Jun 20 (First Communion),†† 4 & 5 Jul 20


Help Wanted

St Paulís won SILVER this year in Northumberland in Bloom.

With your help next year we will win GOLD.

Volunteers please contact Martin on

Alnwick 602736.


 Royal British Legion

We are looking to open a branch in Alnwick.

We are  having an information stall on Saturday 16th November

at the farmers market in Alnwick.

Please see Notice Board for further details.




Chichester Psalms-Leonard Bernstein -

Requiem(World Premiere)Peter Brown

Conductor Peter Brown;-Organist Alan Gidney;-Harp Janet Bennett;

-Percussion Gerard Rundell

Soprano Soloist Vicky Johnson


ADMISSSION £12.00 pay at the door Students Free.


Alnwick Soul Children (Youth Gospel Choir)

will be piloting throughout November and early December.

Claire Mead from Contagious will be leading the sessions with the support of of volunteers.

Open to all in School Years 5-9. Each session is £1 and includes hot food,

drink, games, Christian values & singing gospel songs together.

All singing abilities welcome.

The choir will meet from 4-5.30pm on 6, 13, 20 and 27 Nov at Salvation Army Centre,

Hotspur Street and 4 Dec at St Paul's RC Church, Percy St.

There will be an opportunity for the choir to perform at the

Christians Together in Alnwick Cribs@Christmas event on 7 Dec (more info to follow.)

For more info: Claire Mead, Youth & Schools Worker, 07525 748728, 



  Diocesan Church Music Association

The Diocesan Church Music Association have set up a link on their page

of the Diocesan website, asking parish musicians to sign up

to give them an idea of the resources around the Diocese and

to keep people up to date with news of workshops etc.

If you would like to sign up the form can be found on the

Diocesan website,(www,rcdhn.org.uk) clicking on 'Departments',

then 'Liturgy', then Diocesan Church Music Association.

  Scrolling down will reveal a paragraph headed 'Join our mailing list'.


The Peoples Kitchen

On behalf of all of us at the Peopleís Kitchen, thank you for your continued support.

Your very kind and thoughtful donations of food and clothes make a big difference.

Without the help of people like yourselves our work with the homeless

and disadvantaged people of Newcastle could not continue.

Pat MacDonaldóAdministrator.


 St Paulís Roof Fund

 Thank you for your Donations.

The Roof Fund now stands at £6525.

Donation envelopes are at the back of church to be returned

through the Sunday Mass offertory baskets.

Thank you, in advance, for your donation.


Alnwick Mercy Associates

The Alnwick Group of Mercy Associates are a small group who meet on the

1st Monday of the Month in the Parish Meeting Room at 1.30pm.

Fundraising events are held to raise money for Altar Breads, Charities

and most recently we were able to provide a new Altar Cloth.

Anyone interested in joining would be very welcome.


Christmas Shoebox Appeal

  Final day to return Shoeboxes to church is Sunday 10th November.

Thank You.


 The Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle

has the following vacancies

Head of Communications

We are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic individual to take

responsibility for the delivery of our Communications Strategy.

You will have experience of identifying the resources and infrastructure

required to take this from concept through to implementation.

This new senior role is an opportunity for someone to join the charity,

establish a plan and identify the team to deliver the strategy.

 Closing date for applications: 5pm on 18 November.


Parish Secretary

English Martyrs and Ss Peter and Paul, Roseworth, Stockton Ė

16 hours per week, 12 month fixed term contract. Closing date: 19 November.


For further information and details of how to apply please

visit our website www.rcdhn.org.uk or contact us (0191 243 3301, emailhuman.resources@diocesehn.org.uk


Fatima Mass

Yvonne Douglas has been to Fatima and is having a Mass said for all our

parishioners every month for a year and also every Friday included in the Rosary.

Partnership Day of Reflection

for Ministers of the Word has been moved to November.


 Reading Group

Is anyone interested in a Reading Group discussing

materials from a wide variety of sources?

Ring: 07504 229381.


 Alnwick food bank

We are opening a drop in on Tuesday mornings starting on Tuesday 5th November.

Time:-  10am to 12pm. Location:- Lindisfarne Adult Education Centre,

Lindisfarne Rd, NE66 1AX (we are next door to the Citizens Advice Bureau).

Drop in for a coffee/tea, juice, biscuit and a chat.

No need to make an appointment. 

No initial referral necessary.

Please see the poster on the notice board in the porch. 



 Diaries for 2020, Christmas Cards and Gifts

are now available.

There is also a large choice of calendars which can be

ordered from a catalogue at the Repository.


Feasts of the Week

Monday 11thóSt Martin of Tours Bp

Tuesday 12thóSt Josaphat Bp, M



Please continue to save your used stamps and leave them at the back of church.

Thank You


Minutes of Parish Council Meetings

A folder containing the minutes of recent Parish Council meetings

is now available at the back of the Church

St Paul's 100 Club September Draw

1st No.26††† Arthur Carroll

2nd No.77††† Barbara Dawson

3rd No.51††† Julie Parkinson

The Peoples Kitchen

My thanks as always to all who give so generously throughout the year.

The kitchen are constantly feeding and clothing the many needy people on a

daily basis, the numbers are ever increasing.

Well done to you very kind hearted people.


The staff at the Diocesan Finance Office have asked every

Parish and Partnership to appoint a GDPR representative.

Because of the short notice given to try and fond someone and hand in

contact details to the diocese, Fr Oliver has notified the diocese of temporary roles for this:

Deacon David will be the GDPR rep for St Aidans, Seahouses and Fr Oliver will be the GDPR rep

for all the other Parishes in the Partnership, until we know what is expected of the person responsible.


With the closure of the Alnwick Playhouse in August for one year,

Alnwick Music Society are using different venues around the town for their Concerts.

St.Paulís, St.Jamesí, St.Michaelís and the Northumberland Hall will all be used.

There is a booklet at the back of Church with a list of all the

Concerts/Venues and details of all the groups participating.

Please take one.

†† Coming Together

Tea and coffee will be served at the back of the church

after Mass and we hope you will stay and chat .

All are welcome

The coffee/tea at the back of Church

is very popular, it is great to see people standing round chatting

and connecting as a Congregation, but it would be wonderful if

a few more could be available to help, especially at the end.

It only needs 2 to set up, but it is great when people collect cups etc.,

and take them to be washed and reset up for the next week.

Just speak to Mary anytime.

Donations are always welcome.


Gift Aid

Very many thanks to all those parishioners who have supported

the Gift Aid Donations Scheme during the past year.

The scheme continues to make a significant contribution to parish funds

and last year we recouped in excess of £6500 from HMRC.

If you are not already signed up, please consider joining.

The only requirement is that you should be a UK taxpayer.

Forms are at the back of church or contact Roisin on 01665 798945.


Homemade Jams

A lovely selection of Homemade Jams are on sale at the back of church.

The Peopleís Kitchen

are grateful to St Paulís parishioners and friends for their continued support.

Thank you.

Red Mission Boxes

Will you please bring in your Mill Hill Red Boxes for counting.

Thank you, James Bateman



It is over 15 years since the floodlighting team

achieved their objective of floodlighting St. Paulís.

In the years since the running and maintenance

costs have risen considerably.

We would therefore like to encourage you to help us

by continuing lighting our Church by buying or donating

a night of light for £1 minimum or an amount of your choice.

Thank you for supporting our fundraising for the running costs.


We request when parking in the Church grounds,

you do so with due regard to other users.

We ask you do not park near corners as some of us

are getting a bit older and accidents do happen.

If you are parking at the front of Church, please remember

that funeral and wedding cars need extra room.

If you park of the streets nearby, please do not cause

an inconvenience to the local people,

especially when disabled access may be needed.

Also would drivers please let their passengers out,

then park as near as possible to the left thus enabling other cars

to pass safely without having to drive over the grass on the right.

We have put a garden seat near the ramp for those who would like

to rest awhile in the quiet of the church grounds.

Thank you.



When driving within the church grounds PLEASE keep to the 15mph speed limit.

Expensive gravel is being displaced by overzealous drivers.

Thank You.


PLEASE let us know

if a relative or neighbour has been taken to any of our hospitals,

otherwise we will not be able to visit them.


†† Offertory Collection

Did you know you can pay your weekly offertory donation

via standing order or direct debit.

In these days of internet banking it is so easy to make

a regular payment to St Paulís RC Church, Alnwick.

You can still gift aid your donation by filling in the form at the back of church.


Bereavement Support

If you, or someone you know, has recently been bereaved Hospice Care

now provide support either in your own home or in a mutually convenient place.

For more information see the leaflets in the back of church

or phone the hospice on 01665 606512.

Space for Quiet Prayer

Our Quiet Space before the Tabernacle is working well.

Thank you all. Please use it, if you would like to, before and after Mass,

for silent prayer, in front of the Blessed Sacrament.



The website is http://www.stpaulsalnwick.co.uk/

containing lots of information about our schools and a

chance to keep up to date with what is happening.

Please visit our website.

Memoriam Book

The Memoriam Book placed in Our Ladyís Chapel

contains the names of family and friends of parishioners,

each written under the date of their death.

If you would like the names of your loved ones included,

please fill in the form at the back of Church

and place it in the box provided.

Fill in a separate form for each name, please.



Please be vigilant when you are in and about the Church.

Do not leave your valuables unattended in the church.


Nights of Light

Our Church looks particularly attractive at present with the flood lighting.

We depend on the Nights of Lights scheme to fund the lighting of the church.

If you would like to celebrate a important occasion,

please consider lighting up our church

If you would like the Church to be lit up for a special occasion,

please obtain a form from the back of the Church and hand it with your donation

to Tim Sewell, any of the Parish Council,

drop it through the letterbox at the Parish House

or download the form on the Nights of Light page

Minimum donation £1 per date!



Many ideas of fundraising are being suggested.

Perhaps you might be able to help in one of the following ways.

Win the Lottery and pay the lot!


Have a coffee morning or evening

Auction of Promises

Race Night

Brass Band Concert

Quiz Night

...and then there are your own ideas.

We need doers of the suggestions, not just suggestions!


The Convent Centre

If you wish to book the centre, contact the Caretaker,

Paul on his mobile 07845991512

Visitors GIFT AID

If you are a visitor to our parish and would like

St. Paul's Church to claim the tax back from your offering,

please use a special Gift Aid envelope from the back of the church.

Thank you.


In the absence of the priest, whom can we contact?

It is always good to be able to contact the priest of the

parish when you need information or in emergency.

But the parish house is not always manned.

In the absence of the priest, the number of a contact person

will be on the answering machine.


Donít Forget !!!

We invite you to join us for a Coffee or Tea after Sunday morning Mass in the Parish Room

when we can greet our visitors and share our ideas of the liturgy and other Church

matters.Funds raised help provide for our Seasonal Celebrations with our older

parishioners and their friends.



Parishioners who find themselves in hospital should inform the staff that they are Catholic

and that they would like a priest to visit them while admitted.

Hospital staff are not permitted to enquire of a patientís religion,

however they will contact a visiting priest for you should you let them know.


Hospital Referral Cards

It is becoming increasingly difficult to know when any

of our parishioners have been admitted to hospital.

If you or any of your family are being admitted to any of our

hospitals please let the priest know as soon as possible.

At the back of the church there are some hospital referral cards.

We would ask you to have one of these cards at home and if for any reason you have to stay

in hospital please hand it to the ward sister who will inform the hospital chaplain.

Please supply the patientís name, ward and hospital.

Alternatively, a hospital referral card can be completed and given to Fr. Oliver.

Due to the unavailability of information regarding religious denomination of patients

in the RVI,Freeman and Walkergate Hospitals, patients and relatives

must take responsibility to inform the hospital chaplain.

Tel 0191 232 1892.

The same situation applies to all our local hospitals and maybe care homes.

If you or a relative are going into hospital or one of our

care homes please let the local priest know.

It will make our work much easier