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All Pandemic Restrictions in Church are now lifted.

Masks are optional, except for those distributing Holy Communion.

Eucharistic Ministers must also sanitise their

 hands before distributing Holy Communion.

 We must remain cautious and do all we can to prevent the spread

 of the virus which remains within our communities.





Mass Intentions

Sunday 29th May---People of the Parish



Gospel  Acclamation

Alleluia, alleluia!.’

Go, make disciples of all the nations;

I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.





A reading from the Gospel according to Luke                  24:46-53  

 Glory to you, O Lord 


Jesus said to his disciples:
‘You see how it is written that the Christ would suffer and on the third day rise from the dead, and that, in his name,

 repentance for the forgiveness of sins would be preached to all the nations, beginning from Jerusalem.

 You are witnesses to this.

‘And now I am sending down to you what the Father has promised.

 Stay in the city then, until you are clothed with the power from on high.’

Then he took them out as far as the outskirts of Bethany, and lifting up his hands he blessed them.

 Now as he blessed them, he withdrew from them and was carried up to heaven.

They worshipped him and then went back to  Jerusalem full of joy; and they were continually in the Temple praising God.


The Gospel of the Lord    

Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.



  All Saints, Thropton,

No weekday Word & Communion or Mass until Further Notice


Live Streaming of Masses

A number of parishes have set up a live stream of their Masses.

For more details of frequency and timings please go to the Diocesan website www.rcdhn.org.uk


From 4th July, the Mass times are changing at Ashington and Longhorsley.

 I know from time to time some people may attend the Sunday evening Mass in Ashington.

The new Mass times are as follows:


 Sunday 9.00am     5.00pm


  Sunday 11.15am



During the month of June

 it would be wonderful if St Paul's church could be open for Adoration of The Blessed Sacrament.

 If any volunteers would be able to facilitate Adoration would you please see Fr Stephen


  MASS TIMES for 28th May—-4th June

Tue 31st---6.00pm Mass  St Paul’s

Thurs 2nd---6.00pm Mass Sacred Heart & St Cuthbert, Amble

 Fri 27th---9.30am Mass St Paul’s

Sat 4th---10.00am Mass at St Paul's.  1st Saturday Devotions

Sat 4th---5pm Mass Sacred Heart & St Cuthbert, Amble


 The church will be open

between 11am—3pm on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th June.

  We need Volunteers to “Church Sit” and welcome visitors on these days.

 If you are able to help, please contact June Etterley on 01665 606252.

Thank You.


For those Registered

 with the government scheme ‘Homes for Ukraine’ a gentleman in Rothbury is in

 contact with several refugees looking for host families.

For more information, contact Peter on 07533872293.


Help needed to clear Grotto at St Mary’s Whittingham Church garden

 after storm damage (W. to Glanton road). Family friendly, bring snacks to share.

Wellies, Garden Tools, Rubbish Sacks, Secateurs, Shovels as we don’t have any tools !  

Tea and coffee in parish room 

If you’re not able to work come to see beautiful grotto and make some scones to share. 

Part of our devotion to Mary.

 Every Sunday from 1pm. Ending with Marian Procession when work is finished. 

Contact Dan d.jashton@yahoo.com 07855 826 228


 Thank you

 to all parishioners at St Paul’s for your generous support for CAFOD this year and for your latest donation of £320.50.

 Thank you so much for being there for our global family.


Certificate in Pastoral Ministry – starting in September 2022 

Are you currently involved in Church ministry but wish you knew more about your faith?

 Do you sometimes lack confidence and feel you could benefit from further training and formation?

Do you want to grow in your faith and ministry and perhaps find new ways to share your gifts with others?

 We have a course designed just for you.  

The Certificate in Pastoral Ministry is an online, two-year learning experience created with the busy person in mind.

 It will take you on a journey of discovery about key aspects of the Catholic faith while

 helping you to reflect upon your own ministry and the ministry of others.  

To find out more join us online for one of our information evenings:

 Tuesday 14th June 2022 or Wednesday 22nd June 2022 from 7:30pm - 9:00pm.

To register your interest for one of the information evenings,

 or for further information please email adminfaith.mission@diocesehn.org.uk.  



Heavenly Father,

in Baptism you called us by name and made us members of your family, the Church.

Help all your people to know their vocation in life,  and to respond by living a life of holiness.

 For your greater glory and for the service of your people, raise up dedicated and generous men

who will serve as priests for the Church of Hexham and Newcastle.

Send your Spirit to guide and strengthen our communities, our seminarians

 and all who are discerning their vocation.



 The Bishop's of England & Wales

 have reintroduced the Sunday Mass obligation from Sunday 5th June, the Feast of Pentecost.

We look forward to welcoming our parishioners back. The Bishops write ''

It has always been the understanding of the Church that when the freedom of any Catholic to attend

 Mass in person is impeded for a serious reason...this is not a breach of the Sunday Obligation.''


Huge thanks

 for all the amazing cakes/buns/biscuits which were brought for Saturday, everyone loved them,

and we managed to have a small amount left for Sunday.

We served over 150 teas/coffees, dish washing team were very busy and the new hoover was well used.

Although none stop, it was a wonderful team effort, by a small number of people.

 The next step are more volunteers to help every Sunday.

Please sign up and create the continuing great atmosphere

 at the end of Mass, and also meeting and chatting. Mary


Alnwick Flower Festival

 returns from 4th to 7th August (preview night Weds 3rd Aug).  The theme will be ‘Give Thanks’. 

 This year is a joint venture between St Paul’s and St Michael’s taking place at St Michael’s Church. 

If anyone would like to sponsor a display to ‘Give Thanks’ for a special occasion or

 loved one please get in touch with Mary Donaghey 01665 510253 or Jean O’Hanlon 01665-602736'


Alnwick Homes for Ukraine Community Support Group

 has been set up to help refugee families and their hosts with such matters, and to help guests settle in and feel welcome.

A number of households in Alnwick are already hosting or planning to host refugee families from Ukraine.

Not everyone is able to accommodate a family, but there lots of other ways to help.

The support group will help hosts and their refugee guests with access to advice and

 information about local services, facilities and supplies of necessities.

We are now enlisting volunteers to help with a range of practical tasks, organise activities for hosts and guests,

 and basically anything else that would help people to settle in for however long is necessary.

A volunteer sign up form is at the back of church.

More information is available on a temporary web page hosted by

 Alnwick churches: https://www.christianstogetherinalnwick.co.uk/ukraine-support


Please remember

St Paul’s Church, Alnwick in your will.

 Thank You.


Coping with Cancer North East.

 We are a charity that offers support to those affected by cancer, this includes counselling, coaching and complementary therapies.

 Our services are free to anyone who is or has been affected by a cancer diagnosis, including family, friends, and carers.

 We offer our services across the whole of the North East.

  Please find our website below for further information on the help that we provide:



The Lindisfarne Partnership's Response to Synod 2022/23

can be found on the Parish Website:-www.stpaulschurchalnwick.co.uk then select †Lindisfarne Partnership


Notes from the Lindisfarne Partnership Open Meeting

on Tuesday 22nd March 2022

can be found on the Parish Website:-www.stpaulschurchalnwick.co.uk then select  †Lindisfarne Partnership


The Universe Catholic Weekly

 is thrilled to announce that we have launched our new online newspaper with the full support

 of our first subscriber none other than His Eminence Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

Order your Digital 4 weeks FREE trial supply by calling Michelle on 0743 661 7650 or email:



Alnwick District Food Bank


 HOW ??

· Email: alnwickdistrictfoodbank@gmail.com                      or www: alnwickdistrictfoodbank.co.uk

or tel: 07498 488797 (Tue or Thur only; 9.00—11.00)

· Confidentially, tell them your circumstances

· They will then arrange a delivery for you, if you qualify

That's all there is to it !!



 Alnwick Food Bank.

   This has been a tremendous Community effort and over 95% of those parcels went to households in Alnwick.

 Demand remains high and has actually increased by 25% since November 21. 

We do not see it slowing down any time soon.

Thank you once again for your unstinting support which has allowed us to reach

 out to those in need during these very difficult times.

Clive Gibson, Chair of Trustees.


Gift Aid Appeal

The Gift Aid Donation Scheme is a government sponsored device whereby registered charities can receive

a ‘cashback’ of 25% of all the donations made by UK taxpayers.  The diocese of Hexham and Newcastle

 is registered to take advantage of this scheme and we benefit greatly from it.

If you are a UK taxpayer and are not already a member of the Gift Aid Donation Scheme we would be most grateful

 if you would consider joining it.  If you are interested, please speak to Roisin at the back of church

 or give her a ring on 01665 798945.


Northumberland Hospitals

If you, a friend or relative are admitted to hospital, a visit/Holy Communion/the

Sacraments can be arranged by the chaplaincy team. 

You can contact the chaplaincy via the hospital switchboard on 03448118111

 and ask to be put through to the chaplaincy department.

If the call is urgent, please ask the nurse to contact the Roman Catholic Priest on call.



 Enfant Baptism is the door to the other Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church.

Baptism at St Paul's Alnwick is open to all babies who have at least one parent who is Roman Catholic themselves.

Please telephone Father Stephen at the Parish House for further information.


Diocese Information

Please use the RCDHN link on the top right of the page.


Peoples Kitchen and Alnwick Food Bank

 -please could all food donations for People's Kitchen and

Alnwick Food Bank have lids on where necessary.

 Thank You.


Nights of Light-May

Sat 21st/28th—-Arthur Carroll—In Thanksgiving

29th—Karen Robinson—Birthday Thoughts, R.I.P.

   If you would like the Church to be lit up for a special occasion or

 remembrance of a loved one, download the form on the

 Nights of Light page on the parish website.

 Minimum donation £1 per date!     

Thank You.


Feasts of the Week-May

 Tue 31st—The Visitation 0of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Wed 1st—St Justin M

Fri 3rd—St Charles Lwanga & Companions MM



Please continue to save your used stamps.

 Thank You



 When driving within the church grounds PLEASE keep to the 5mph speed limit. 

Expensive gravel is being displaced by overzealous drivers.

  Thank You.


   Offertory Collection

Did you know you can pay your weekly offertory donation

 via standing order or direct debit.

 In these days of internet banking it is so easy to make

 a regular payment to St Paul’s RC Church, Alnwick.

 You can still gift aid your donation by filling in the form at the back of church.


Memoriam Book

The Memoriam Book placed on the Sanctuary and

contains the names of family and friends of parishioners,

 each written under the date of their death.

 If you would like the names of your loved ones included,

 please fill in the form at the back of Church

and place it in the box provided.

 Fill in a separate form for each name, please.



Please be vigilant when you are in and about the Church.

Do not leave your valuables unattended in the church.


Nights of Light

Our Church looks particularly attractive at present with the flood lighting.

We depend on the Nights of Lights scheme to fund the lighting of the church.

If you would like to celebrate a important occasion,

please consider lighting up our church

If you would like the Church to be lit up for a special occasion,

please obtain a form from the back of the Church and hand it with your donation

to Tim Sewell, any of the Parish Council,

drop it through the letterbox at the Parish House

or download the form on the Nights of Light page

Minimum donation £1 per date!


Being Admitted to Hospital

If you, a friend or relative are admitted to hospital, a visit/Holy Communion/the

Sacraments can be arranged by the chaplaincy team.

  You can contact the chaplaincy via the hospital switchboard on 03448118111 and ask to be put

through to the chaplaincy department.

If the call is urgent, please ask the nurse to contact the Roman Catholic Priest on call.



Minutes of the meeting of St Paul’s Parish Council held on Tuesday 3rd May 2022 at 5pm in the Parish Room


PresentFr Stephen Watson (Chair), Mary Donaghey (/Minutes) June Etterley, Edith Humphries, Sally Williams,

Eileen Turnbull, Mark Phillips Mary Frater (Events) and Martin O’Hanlon (Building and maintenance).

Opening Prayer led by Fr Stephen..     

 Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence received from Michelle Burgess (Parish Administrator), Polly Bassi and Ed Sweeney.

Review of the Agenda

Agenda reviewed and agreed by those present.

Minutes of previous meeting held on 1st March 2022

The Minutes agreed and accepted as record of the previous meeting by those present.

Matters arising from minutes and updates on actions

Action point Mary Donaghey to follow up the need for a more formal booking system.

 Completed superseded by new action point below.

Pam Slater had provided the meeting with an example of a proposed booking form with a rider that this would need some adaptations.

 After some discussion it was proposed and accepted that a working party be set up to discuss the format of a booking form.

Action Point To set up a small working party to discuss the wording of a booking form.

 Mary Donaghey to coordinate with Pam Slater, Mary Frater, Martin O’Hanlon, and Fr Stephen.

Action Point Edith Humphries will speak to Ann Ousby to see if she could help with regards to Diocesan Newsletter as she is a writer.

 Carried over from previous meeting. Completed. Ann Ousby was spoken to but is not able to assist.

Action Point Mary Donaghey to speak to Stanley Trafford to see if he could help with taking photographs for the Diocesan Newsletter.

Action Point Mary Donaghey to send a letter of thanks on behalf of the Parish Council to Rosin and Vincent Cowley. Completed.

Action Point Mary Donaghey will contact Martin O’Hanlon regards the church clock running fast. Completed.

Action Point – Mary Donaghey to arrange for suggestion box be placed into church for Parish council items from Parishioners.

Held over pending cleaning of the Church.


Parish Administrator’s Report    

In her absence Michelle Burgess provided a written update which was read to the meeting.

Current Account £65,599

Deposit Account £10,174

The current account total includes £27956 that we have received from the CATEW grant,

which will be transferred shortly to the deposit account (as all payments for the roof repair are made from the deposit account).

We have recently received into the deposit account:

Listed Places of Worship Grant £2236

Gift Aid claim 1019/2020    £13

Gift Aid claim 2020/2021   £3641

Endowment Management Fund General   £1534

Endowment Management Fund Mass Obligations   £22

Recent payments made for roof costs from the deposit account since last PC meeting £42,791

Total roof payments so far £95,915                                                                                

Building repair and maintenance

Update given by Martin O’Hanlon. The clock is now chiming the correct time on the quarter hour.

 The face hands do show 2 minutes difference. However, rectifying the problems is costly and it was agreed that such an expense is not a priority at this time.

The Tower floor has been repaired along with the trap door leading into the Tower. However, there is no means to hold the trap door open which is heavy to lift. The ladder also has not been fixed to the wall. Jenny the architect in charge of the project has been informed with a view to fixing the problem. The lightening straps also need attention.

There is a Health and Safety inspection due regarding the possible presence of asbestos. The only source in the Church is in the porch vent pipe. Following work on the Parish house there is no longer any asbestos. We await a report following the roof repair to confirm that all asbestos has been removed.

A new hoover is needed for cleaning the Church and a proposal to purchase a Tittan wet and dry hoover at a cost of £89.99 was agreed

Action Point Martin O’Hanlon to arrange purchase of new hoover.

Friday 13th May Orange Box will attend and remove any excess furniture such as the bookcases. There then followed a discussion on identifying any other unnecessary items. Mary Frater mentioned she had noticed a cupboard which needed sorting and clearing out.

Action Point Mary Frater to clean out said cupboard.

There are several large hymn books stacked by the Choir stalls. These are larger and heavier than the normal hymn books as they contain the music scores.

Action Point Ask Colette Boushell if these books are needed. Mary Donaghey will e mail and ask.

Martin mentioned that the statue of Our Lady had been moved after he and Fr Stephen had moved it forward away from the side altar. Apparently, it had been moved further back as it was hindering the Choir going to Communion during Mass.  The Prayer Groups which use to meet in the Church also use the area in front of the side altar. Some present felt that a small quiet area for private prayer was needed.

Action Point Sally Williams to seek views on the preferred layout of the side altar.

Action Point item is to be placed in the Bulletin asking for volunteers to help look after the Church grounds/garden.

The front and side doors need repainting which Martin will do. The bolt on the main door which allows the second door to open needs repair.

Christians Together in Alnwick

Mary Frater reported that the Lenten Lunches had been a great success.

There was a good turn out from St Paul’s to help. Over the six weeks a total of £1126 was raised which will be split between CAFOD,

Christian Aid and Alnwick Food Bank.

Good Friday service took place in the Market and was well attended.

 Fr Stephen suggested next year we could give out small prayer cards with Christian message out to those at the service.

Action Point Mary Frater will bring this up at the next Christians Together meeting.

There will be a full programme of events in Alnwick over the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

 We will be distributing a commemorative booklet about the Queen to mark the occasion. 200 copies will be purchased.

 St Paul’s Church will be open to visitors over the weekend.

Action Point June Etterley will contact volunteers to church sit over the Bank holiday weekend.

On the 14th May there will be a China and plant stall in the market to raise funds for Christian aid. Donations would be appreciated.

On 19th May the Methodists will be hosting a lunch, and everyone is invited.

The Choral Society are holding a ‘come and sing’ event at St Paul’s on 18th June.

Another business.

Bidding prayers -Sally Williams asked for volunteers to help with writing bidding prayers for Mass.

Sacred Heart - June Etterley asked can we move the Sacred Heart Statue from the back of the Church towards the front? A suitable alternative place is to be sought.

Kitchen- Mary Doanghey asked if we could contact the Diocese to find out what our options are for a kitchen area

 at the back of church taking into consideration our grade two listed status.

Action PointMary Donaghey to contact Andrew Gillingham.

Date of next meeting to be arranged – Tues 5th July 2022

The next meeting in July will be the AGM and it was agreed to move the meeting to the Sunday after

 Mass to encourage Parishioners to attend. Therefore, the next meeting will be the AGM held Sunday 3rd July 2022 after 9.30 am Mass

Closing Prayer led by Fr Stephen.