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On the 13th October 1890, Mother Evangelist and four Sisters arrived in Alnwick from Cordier Hill, Guernsey.

 They were invited by the Parish Priest, Fr. Edward Robert, whose request was sanctioned by Bishop Wilkinson,

 “to take charge of the school, visit the sick and instruct converts.” 

At this time there were about 100 Catholics in Alnwick and the surrounding area.

 When the Sisters came, there was no furniture, no tradition, little money and only a childlike trust in the Providence of God.

 Fortunately Mother Evangalist’s relatives were very generous in their support of the little community, and with their help large

 extensions to the Convent were made, so that the present Convent was completed within 20 years.

 The Sisters taught in St. John’s and the Convent School, which was opened in 1895.

 At this time some qualified teachers entered and commenced teaching in the schools.


Over the years vocations increased and many young Sisters qualified, became available, and gave wholehearted,

 dedicated service to Education and the Works of Mercy up to the 1900s. 

The schools went from strength to strength.

 These apostolates were carried out not only in Alnwick, but also in Crook, Felton and Esh.


Today the Sisters have limited Apostolates and concentrate on visitation of the sick and housebound, and help in the Church. 

Ven. Catherine McAuley said: “You have given all to God.

 You must be happy and animate all around you.”


It is more than 125 years since the Sisters of Mercy came to Alnwick and during this time they have touched the lives of so many people.  

Unfortunately, the Convent is now closed.



The Alnwick Group of Mercy Associates are a small group who meet on the

 1st Monday of the Month in the Parish Meeting Room at 1.30pm.

 Fundraising events are held to raise money for Altar Breads, Charities

 and most recently we were able to provide a new Altar Cloth.

  Anyone interested in joining would be very welcome



St Cuthbert’s Care the Diocesan Charity run a home in Alnwick for Ladies with special needs. 

Enquiries should be directed to Mrs Sheila McEwan at 16 Bailiffgate

 or to St Cuthbert’s House, West Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE15 7PY




St Paul’s RCVA Primary and Nursery School


Head: Mrs Eileen Lomax

St Paul’s RC First School serves the Parishes of Alnwick, Seahouses, Wooler, Whittingham, Rothbury, Thropton and Longhorsley.

 St Paul's became a primary school in September 2016 and our role now includes Yr5 children in school.

 From this September (2017), our school also includes Year 6 children.

  The Education Authority provides transport to our schools for all catholic children.



St Benet Biscop Catholic Academy

Head: Mr Kevin Shepherd    (01670-822795

After completing their studies at St Paul’s Middle School students transfer to St Benet Biscop High School at Bedlington.


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