The Lindisfarne Partnership.



Our Mission is

To create a community of love with God at the centre

That reaches out to the world.

We will seek to do this by;


·        Building a strong foundation of spirituality, prayer and celebration

·        Being welcoming and life-giving

·        Helping each other to fulfil our unique potential

·        Enthuising our young people and nurturing their relationship to God

·        Sharing our gifts with all faiths

·        Responding to the changes in society and reaching out to those in need

·        Sharing the peace and joy we experience and encouraging

everyone’s personal relationship with Jesus



Lindisfarne Partnership

You are warmly invited to St Paul’s R.C. School on Saturday 14th July.

The Theme is “Making Our Partnership Work” and our guest speaker will be Amy Cameron and/or Kathryn Turner.

The event will run from 10am until 3pm and refreshments will be provided as you arrive and throughout the day.

 Please bring a packed lunch.

This an opportunity for you to learn about this change in the diocese, but more importantly, to add your own ideas and viewpoint. 

There is no upper or lower age limit, all views are important.

  The Committees which are necessary to the smooth running of this change need to know that the Partnership is working for all of you.

Please let us know if you intend to come. 

Tell your Priest or Deacon,

 or email either judenewton41@gmail or





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